What is Sport Starz?

What is Sport Starz

Sports Starz is a children’s entertainment / educational show using the theme of sport to impart age appropriate positive learning messages of:

  • Inclusion and difference
  • Teamwork and roles
  • Exercise and physical movement abilities
  • Mindset and resilience 
  • Sports skills and how-to learning

Sport, like music, is universally recognised and has mass appeal with many ‘life lessons’ to be gained from participation from an early age.

Sport Starz is also a resource for teachers to lean on.  We recognise that every teacher or educator has their own unique strengths, so part of our vision is to create and deliver teaching resources that align with the goals and aims of the Schools Curriculum and cover core fundamental principals in the sports and health categories, as well as dance, drama, music, maths, social studies and technology, making their job easier!

We support and celebrate the amazing work of teachers around the world, so through live performance and integrating music, movement and educational value into our shows and our resources, we’re ready to help nurture and grow awesome and engaged kids, enabling them to become brilliant people!

Sport Starz is a global movement. In developing Sport Starz, we are thoughtful, deliberate, and proactive in instilling in children the values that we believe will lead them to a fulfilling and enjoyable sports experience, a positive and healthy lifelong relationship with sports, and a successful, happy, and value-driven life.  If we can positively affect and empower kids through our live shows OR through new and innovative teaching methodologies, and they take those values home and positively affect their siblings, their parents, their friends, their wider family connections and their communities, imagine how amazing our world will become!

Positivity and ‘giving it a go’ is a winning attitude for LIFE!