Welcome to SPORT STARZ and welcome to the team!

I’m proud of what we have created and I hope you love it too.  I’m so grateful and humbled by the amazing team who have chosen to work with us.  And I know, we’re only ‘5 minutes into the game’ and have so much more to do.

 James is the man-with-the-plan and the king-of-coordination keeping the business moving forward and getting everything and everyone to stage, or camera.  When the question is asked “What happens next?”, the answer is “Ask James!”

 Jo is much loved by everyone she meets. Jo connects our show themes and concepts with learnable actions and meaningful moments. Having two young children of her own, she knows the importance of quality, creative and interactive entertainment for youth and helps bring all this to the Sport Starz Team. 


Monique’s vision created the Sport Starz characters we all know and love and her unique talents in language, story-telling & children’s entertainment ensures that the messages we impart are well founded.


 Greg’s talents are enormous, (seemingly) playing every instrument ever invented and the library of songs in his head is second-to-none, allowing him to create kid friendly music that parents don’t want to turn off – quite an achievement!