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Welcome to Sport Starz:
The World of Fun, Classroom Fitness and Friendship!

Attention all Aussie primary school teachers! Get pumped and get ready to inspire and energise your students while meeting ACARA achievement standards with SPORT STARZ!

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Sport Starz is here to inspire young minds with catchy tunes and vibrant characters, designed specifically to teach children aged Prep to Year 6 valuable life lessons that inspire them to play hard and learn harder.

 So, strap on your sandshoes and join us on this exhilarating journey, where we combine the appeal of sports and the power of music to create a one-of-a-kind learning experience where everyone can GFI! (Go For It)

Sport Starz Brings its A-Game with these Standout Features:

Hit-Songs for Every Sport

Unleash your students’ inner champions with catchy tunes that celebrate their favourite sport.

Life-Lesson Theme Songs

Foster positive life habits and belief systems in your students with songs that convey essential messages for kids & families. 

Role Model Characters

Introduce your students to admirable characters that they can look up to and emulate. 

Physical & Mental Benefits

Encourage play based activities to boost their overall well-being, confident and social skills. 

But Sport Starz isn't just about Sports, We're Shooting for these Goals:

– Seamlessly blend The Arts & Sport, making it accessible to all, 

– Include children of ALL abilities, making them the stars of the show!

 – Be a trusted voice for social issues and community connections, 

– Encourage children & parents to play together. 


So, dear teachers, are you ready to transform your classrooms with Sport Starz? Join us today and let’s make learning fun, exciting, and rewarding for everyone!