Neil Macdonald

Creator and Chief Executive Officer of Sport Starz

My strongest childhood memories are of a happy family life – and me playing sport. Age 8 and my first game of organised football (AFL), although I don’t want to remember it, my Mum tells me I didn’t even touch (or actually go near!) the ball but afterwards declared “I loved it”. I do remember a hot day, my bare-feet on the grass, running as fast as I could and having my mates around me…..a few years later, I captained our school premiership team and was undefeated for the year, and played for Queensland. 

At home, hot sunny days and Mum’s cold drinks at half-time (cut-up watermelon for all), bucketing-down rain for muddy ‘mad-mans-cricket’ as my mates named it, rugby, AFL or soccer games, or classic-catches in the pool for hours, are such great memories and I just lived to Play a Game – run, catch, throw, hit, kick. It’s not been until all these years later, and having had 2 kids of my own, that I realise and appreciate how great those times were and how pivotal they have been in my life. With changing social times (higher density housing, both parents often needing to work, school curriculums being stretched, the internet of everything, including online gaming, etc, etc) I want to give more and more kids access to the benefits and joys (and Life-Lessons) that learning, trying and playing Sport can provide.

My idea for Sport Starz, is for your children to have genuine role-models to look up to, learn from and to be supported by, in finding their love of sports and to help them grow with confidence to be the best person they can be.

Sport Starz – having fun, learning life lessons through Sport and music, is my legacy.