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Sport Starz - Finding Your Fit!

How do you work out where your star shines brightest?

How do you know which sport is the one where you’ll excel?

How do you find your place as a SPORT STAR???

Meet Tiger: Tiger’s loaded with energy, full of sparkle and is often described as a Dynamo! However, finding the right focus for all that energy can be a real challenge! How will Tiger ever find his / her way to the right sport that utilises his / her natural abilities and helps him / her grow and launch into the stratosphere?

Meet Coach!  Coach is the comet of the teaching faculty, full of fun, jokes and an inventive mind designed to help every young star find their sporting vocation! Utilising his latest invention: THE FMSG (FIND MY SPORT GENERATOR) he inputs all the data to explore different sports for Tiger, to help him / her find the right fit!

But how is Tiger going to learn?? BY GIVING IT A TRY AND GOING FOR IT! 

It just so happens that Coach has an amazing network of brilliant and talented Sport Stars so connects Tiger enabling him / her to learn more about the rules of each game,  allowing him / her to find his / her own way!

Watch the show as Tiger connects with Esme the Surfing Super Star who understands the importance of being calm in the eye of a barrel! Explore balance, core strength and the power of the mind!

See the tennis Supernova, Amelia, sharing concepts  about the power of focus, keeping your eye on the ball and your head in the game, whether you’re going it alone OR playing doubles!

Then meet Major! The hard working Volleyball player who is not just out of this world, but out of this GALAXY! Learn about spatial awareness and the importance of teamwork and communication to achieve a common goal – to the stars and beyond!

Will Tiger find his / her way???  Will Coach’s amazing machine help set his / her path in the right direction? Anything is possible when you GO FOR IT! 

(FYI: There is no one perfect sport – the key to success is just giving it a go!!)

Utilising a mix of live action and leading edge multimedia, this interactive show is guaranteed to get kids giggling, engaged and foster a genuine love of sport as they learn valuable lessons for life. Could there be a future Sport Star amongst us just waiting for a chance to shine.

Sport Starz: Learning life lessons through sport!