Welcome to the Sport Starz Incursion & Excursion Show for Childcare, OSH & Vacation Care Centres: The Ultimate Fusion of Action Packed Fun & Magical Storytelling.

Hey there, team players! As we coach our little champions through life’s big adventures, it’s crucial to give them experiences that blend physical action, imaginative learning, and emotional support. Sport Starz is here to fire up children at Child Care, OSHC, and Vacation Care Centres, crafting thrilling shows that promote both wellbeing and learning. Together, we’ll help our young athletes discover the thrill of movement, the rhythm of music, and the power of self-belief!

Experience the Sport Starz Energy in Your Centre's Holiday Program!

 Sport Starz Shows slam dunk the excitement of sports and the allure of music to create an unforgettable experience for children. Here’s how booking a Sport Starz Show can add some serious pep to your centre’s holiday programs and elevate it to legendary status:

All Star Development

 Our action-packed shows mix sports, music, and storytelling to enhance children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development, helping them become all-star individuals.

Celebrating Every Star

 One Team – All Stars!  Sport Starz Shows champion inclusivity, ensuring every child feels like a vital team member, valued and cherished as they dive into our exhilarating adventures.

Fostering Team Spirit & Friendships 

 Our captivating shows encourage children to work as a team, support one another, and form meaningful connections while exploring the wonders of sports and music.

Building Resilience On & Off the Field

 Through our engaging stories and sports-inspired lessons, children learn valuable life skills such as goal-setting, resilience, and self-care, empowering them to tackle life’s challenges like true champions.

Igniting Imagination & Ambition

Sport Starz Shows inspire children to dream big, chase their passions, and believe in their own unique abilities.

Hearts & Minds in the Game

Our loveable characters, catchy tunes, and thrilling narratives spark children’s imaginations and keep them pumped about learning and staying active.

Scoring Lasting Memories

 A Sport Starz Show is an unforgettable experience that leaves children with cherished memories, newfound skills, and a passion for action-packed learning.  Long after the Show, your kids will be repeating Coach (Dad) Jokes and telling themselves to GFI ! 

Book A Show Today!

New Sports, New Songs, New Life-Lessons and Show Themes are being introduced all the time, meaning the next time we return to your Centre, it’s a brand new experience with the same loveable role model Starz and all new action and adventure.