Empowering Wellbeing in Primary Schools with Sport Starz

 School Principals and Teachers know that more than ever it’s essential to equip our young learners with cognitive, social, and emotional skills to thrive. Sport Starz is the perfect teammate for primary schools in Queensland, helping to create supportive environments that combine wellbeing and learning. Together, we can develop healthy, confident, and resilient young people who are ready to catch their opportunities, kick goals and tackle the challenges of the future. 

Sport Starz’s unique blend of the appeal of sports and the power of music is designed to nurture the wellbeing of all students, making it the perfect partner for your primary school’s wellbeing program. 

Here’s how Sport Starz can benefit your students:

Growing Together

Our magic mix of sport and music helps nurture students’ cognitive, social, and emotional development, creating well-rounded young learners.

Celebrating Uniqueness

 Sport Starz embraces every star (children of all abilities), ensuring that every student feels included, valued, and cherished.

Fostering Friendship

 With teamwork at the heart of Sport Starz, students learn to collaborate, support one another, and build meaningful connections with their peers.


Building Resilience

Through our sports-inspired lessons, students discover essential life skills such as goal-setting, resilience, and self-care, empowering them to tackle life’s challenges with courage.

Nurturing Dreams

Sport Starz’s enchanting approach inspires students to follow their passions, develop their talents, and believe in themselves – reach for the starz!

Captivating Hearts & Minds

 Our loveable characters and catchy tunes spark students’ imaginations and keep them engaged and excited about learning.

Mastering Wellbeing Magic

 Sport Starz teaches students how to take care of their own wellbeing, equipping them with the skills to flourish throughout their lives.


Creating a Safe Haven

 Our program fosters a positive, supportive atmosphere where students feel safe, nurtured, and motivated to learn and grow.

 Team up with us, folks, as we guide our little champions through life’s big adventures! It’s game time to provide experiences that fuse physical activity, imaginative learning, and emotional support. 

Sport Starz steps up to the plate to entertain and inspire children, crafting thrilling shows that nurture wellbeing and learning. Together, let’s help our young athletes uncover the thrill of movement, the rhythm of music, and the power of self-belief!

Game On! Book a Sport Starz Experience for your School today and enjoy our FREE Playbook for all students to imbed their lifelong learnings.